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  • Costantia Manoli

12x12 Featured Author November 2023!

I was honoured to be asked if I would be willing to write a blog post as 12x12's Featured Author for November 2023.

Here's an extract from the blog titled 'The Barriers and the Breakthroughs' - click on the image above to read the full blog post!

'...finding a place for someone like me has never been easy; I’m too anglicized to be Cypriot, too Cypriot to be Anglo, I’m too olive to be white and too white to be a person of colour. I write in the language of the coloniser which is problematic in itself and this immediately closes doors for me in Cyprus where I live. The industry here is so tiny it’s practically non-existent and any industry there is here focuses on writing in Greek. With my hybridized identity, I just don’t seem to fit most categories anywhere. A lot of the time it feels like it’s just me—alone—bumping up against eligibility criteria and always coming up short.'

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