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Tomatoes in My Lunchbox

Roaring Brook/Macmillan USA

June 2022

A child, newly arrived in another country, feels displaced, lonely, and a little scared on her first day of school. Her name doesn't sound the way she's used to hearing it. She knows she doesn't fit in. And when she eats her whole tomato for lunch, she can feel her classmates observing her—and not quite understanding her.

But sometimes all it takes is one friend, one connection, to bring two worlds together, and gradually the girl, her tomato, and her full name, start to feel at home with her new friends and community.

A moving picture book from about the first day of school, layered with themes about the immigrant experience and the universal experience of feeling out of place.

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  • A Kirkus Best Book 2022

  • A Bookstagang Best Book 'Future Classic' 2022

  • Kirkus Starred Review 

  • School Library Journal Starred Review 

  • Publishers Weekly Starred Review 

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